Support the NGOs and the Long Teran Kanan community in defence of indigenous land and the preservation of high conservation areas


18 May 2011

Mr. Jan Kees Vis
RSPO Executive Board

Mr. Darrel Webber
Secretary General
RSPO Secretariat

Mr. Johan Verburg
RSPO Grievance Panel

Dear Sirs:

We/I call on the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil to act decisively in suspending all RSPO certificates of IOI Corporation until IOI fully complies with all RSPO policies. We view with utmost dismay the ongoing violations of RSPO principles by the IOI Corporation, an Executive Board member of RSPO. These violations have attracted the attention of concerned buyers and consumers and have exposed weaknesses in RSPO's certification process that threaten to undermine the credibility of RSPO sustainability certificates.

In Sarawak, we/I support the Long Teran Kanan community's call for an independent mediation procedure to facilitate the resolution of the conflict. IOI must respect the free, prior and informed consent principle and must stop trying to disown the native land from the community for its oil palm business. In Ketapang, we/I stand by the Milieudefensie report and findings of irregular land clearing and encroachment of high conservation value areas. Furthermore, we/I find that IOI's engagement of RSPO-recognised certification bodies as management consultants puts to doubt the integrity of the RSPO certification process.

RSPO cannot afford to lose its credibility. It was established to ensure that players in the palm oil industry minimise impacts on the environment, local communities, indigenous peoples and workers. The RSPO sustainability certificates guide us, the consumers, to purchase sustainable palm oil and offer growers and producers market access for respecting sustainability principles. RSPO must hold IOI to account for failing to appropriately address their problems on the ground and respect indigenous peoples' rights to land. RSPO must show its seriousness in upholding its core values.

Sincerely yours,





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